Greedy buffet eaters

Geeze Louise! So we are eating at the Chinese buffet near the joint reserve base in West Fort Worth and the usual type crowd is there early on a Sunday. Well I get a double barrel of bad customers this time. This guy is sitting there with a plate full of the the two most expensive food items the place carries. You know, they put some higher end stuff out there to get more customers (make them happy, etc…) Well this guy has an over full plate of oysters and another over full plate of crab legs… and nothing else. These cheap asses come to these buffets and get only the most expensive stuff they have. Greedy butt. Same goes for some woman eating nothing but crab legs. Come on! There are like 100+ items out there! I feel for the poor owners of that place. I hate to be so… hateful but I hope they choke on their own excess. By the way, can you identify the food that’s left on the plate above?
Author: nate555

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