Your life reshuffeled

This is what you get if you go to I used to own this site. This is where my home page was. you can find it now at basically it has all the stuff I like etc… Well I let the name expire since I really didn’t want it. As with most defunct websites that had content a big company bought it up and placed link ads on it. What they do obviously is take the old content subject(s) and try to link it to ads to generate sales. Well, I have put a red dot next to each item below to let you know where in the hell they got this info from:

#1 ‘Nathan’ – That’s obvious.
#2 ‘Games’ – My website had a whole lot of games listed (video and board).
#3 ‘Front’ – This refers to Front Mission; the game I had a huge page devoted to.
#4 ‘Cast’ – This is referring to the Cast and Crew section of my Robotech fan page.
#5 ‘Mission’ – See #3 above
#6 ‘Dragon’ – The forwarding page was to my new homepage:
#7 ‘Robotech’ – I had a huge fan page for robotech.
#8 ‘Red’ – I had a Red Dwarf page.
#9 ‘Shell’ – I had a section that talked about Ghost in the Shell (the animation).
#10 ‘Die’ – This is referring to Dice (the singular).
#11 ‘Macross’ – I talked about Macross while talking about Robotech.
#12 ‘Pinball’ – I had a page about my Hook Pinball machine.
#13 ‘Ball’ – See #12

It’s strange to see all this stuff about yourself all deconstructed, taken out of context, and used by someone else to make money.

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