2008 – The most vile of years…

It’s bad… it’s nasty… it’s a Y E A R.

Ok, give up the crap. Everyone is all dissing on 2008, all so glad it’s over. I mean… COME ON! As Douglas Adams wrote: Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so. Things aren’t going to magially get better when you have to start writing 2009 on all your checks. It’s just a number we use to measure time. There has been so much ‘to do about nothing’ that it’s driving me bonkers.

While I’m on this soap box let me assure you that the world isn’t going to instantly start smelling like sunshine, puppies, rainbows, and butterflies when the Affirmative Action’s greatest achievement takes office (like you have been told a million times during the election). Things are still going to continue to go down (and up) no matter who is there.

Ups and Downs… it’s the natural process. You can’t go up forever, you have to go down at some point.

Quit whining people!

Author: nate555

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