Is it wrong to be afraid?

Is it wrong to be afraid of the current administration? I have been getting increasingly paranoid about what our government is turning into. Now, I am not talking about reading our brains, or tracking our every move (and other crazy things) but worried about the total control this administration is pushing for when it comes to our everyday lives.

Let’s take the cap and trade law coming (oh yes, it will pass, and oh no, there is no factual proof to back up their global warming BS claims but you will be paying for it anyway). It is a law that punishes you for living. There is no real reason for it.

Taxes are there to fund things (unemployment, benefits, national infrastructure, etc) while cap and trade is taxing you for NOTHING. It’s a punishment tax. Obama himself said he hopes the tax will make people use less. That’s it! It’s purpose is to punish us ALL to force us to buy less, use less, etc… Why aren’t people in the streets rioting about this?

I was thinking about taxes we currently pay. It’s estimates that the typical middle class American pays somewhere around 50% of his/her pay in TAXES!!


How do they get away with this you ask… I’ll tell you. The same way they get away with everything… little by little. Do you think America would revolt if all workers got 50% of their paycheck taken out right on top? Of course. But, take out payroll taxes here, sales tax over there, property tax over that way… and it builds up. 50% people! 50% of your pay goes to the government (who manages it’s badly and just wants MORE). I always knew I was fiscally Conservative for some reason and this just proves my stance. So I make 50k a year, after all is said and done I am making 25k a year (a retail job’s value). Imagine what poor people actually make in a year after taxes… it is a scary thought.

Now what I find amusing is that the liberals love these taxes. They tax and tax and tax because they feel they need this money to take care of the poor. All they are doing is keeping the poor down! What do the poor then do? They quit working, quit owning homes, quit owning vehicles… aka STOP PAYING TAXES. The burden is then moved onto the people who are actually doing the right thing and paying taxes… the middle class. Why get a job when you end up paying all those taxes and loosing all those benefits like free food and near free rent, free heath care, etc?

I now have sympathy for those who tax dodge.

All this comes back to the current administration who sits there paving the way to take even more of my money and give it to people who will NEVER bother getting off the gravy train they are on. It scares me.

What can I do to avoid what they are trying to do to me? I am not going to live ‘less’ for Obama’s fucking benefit. It’s my life, my one shot and I don’t give a shit about feeling good about living with less so others can have more.

So what can I do?

1.) Take it in the ass and just pay.

2.) Tax dodge (aka do work and get paid under the table).

3.) Move to another country (an insane idea that doesn’t sound so insane anymore).

4.) Quit my job and get on assistance so I don’t have to pay taxes.

I wonder what the taxes were when the colonies decided they had enough and revolted? I am 90% sure they weren’t what they are today.

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