Mid Day Thoughts

  • Everyone is in a panty-bunch over the Sarah Palin Newsweek cover photo. I think the caption is FAR more offending. Also, shes a looker!
  • Someone made a good point about overweight people. Unlike alcoholics who are told to just stop drinking, an overweight person can’t just stop eating. Its like telling that alcoholic that they need to stop getting drunk but they still have to drink a little each day to stay alive.
  • I am testing a weird ‘sealed’ mouse (sealed in rubber to keep germs out). It’s very unusual.
  • I am talking about a computer mouse, not some S&M inclined rodent.
  • How do you irritate a God denouncing scientist: ask them exactly how evolution works. Don’t take generalities, ask them to tell you exactly. It’s basically just a ‘magical’ as religion because they can’t explain it. Watch their head spin off.
  • How do you irritate a God denouncing scientist: ask them ‘if God is supposed to be the All Knowing Supreme Being, how is it that he is not smart enough to have created evolution?’ Watch their head explode.
  • If religion was man-made it was the most ingenious creation ever. It’s very basis can counter any argument against it. All powerful being = trump any argument.
  • Can you remember the 1920’s? You can’t but you know what you have seen about the 20’s. When you try to think about that fact that you didn’t exist you mind starts eating itself.
  • Sorry if I’m being esoteric this afternoon.
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