Friday Memory Dump

  • I saw someone sprinting from the hospital yesterday and someone chasing them, then 2 sheriff’s vehicles show up soon afterwards…
  • Had some Dr. Pepper cake. More like chocolate but it sure was good!
  • Almost done with Transformers 2. Still not impressed. I actually stopped to go watch an old episode of MASH.
  • The MASH finale is STILL the most watched TV show of all time.
  • The actual Korean war lasted 3 years, the show lasted 11!
  • The camp announcer that you hear in every episode was never actually shown.
  • There were 3 spin-offs to MASH: AfterMASH, WALTER, and Trapper John, MD. Although Trapper John was actually a spin-off of the original MASH book.
  • Now you know all about MASH.
  • Have no idea what to do this weekend.
  • There is a lot of ‘passing the buck’ in my work.
  • Having to fix a leaking toliet tomorrow… ugh.
  • New Fairview needs a cat ordinance, they are taking over!
  • Will anyone ever rent the space out above Kusin’s in New Fairview?
  • I think that guy (who owns Kusin’s building) built all of it from the money from Oil or Gas on the land.
  • The Dairy Queen in Rhome es no bueno. I used to be scared to eat in there, it’s very nasty.
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1 thought on “Friday Memory Dump

  1. There's a group of men who meet in the mornings at the DQ in Rhome… they call it "the liars bench".

    At least they know they're full of it.

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