Friday Thoughts

  • Some Democrat Senator was being interviewed on CNN about the jobs numbers just released and instead of being helpful or insightful, THE FIRST THING she says is that the job loss data was better than the last month of the Bush administration.
  • I TOLD YOU Bush was going to be their excuse FOR EVAR.
  • Washington is out of touch.
  • You know I was going to steer away from anti-democrat rhetoric but it just didn’t happen.
  • BTW I did not for either party for president.
  • I voted for this man (I did, seriously).
  • I watched Creepshow. I forgot how fun that movie was.
  • No snow for Newfairview (or anywhere nearby). Oh well, no day home from work).
  • Do you ever get the feeling your life should be more than it is? I do… all the time.
Author: nate555

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