Monday Thoughts

  • It was friggin‘ cold in the house this weekend.
  • I hate mobile homes.
  • Newfairview lives up to the phrase ‘trailer trash’.
  • I mistakenly went to Toys R Us Saturday during a big sale because when I walked in it was a madhouse.
  • People were driving EXCEPTIONALLY bad (and rudely) this weekend.
  • The faster you come up behind me and the closer you get, the slower I go.
  • One of the cats was very needy this weekend and kept climbing up on me to sleep while I was watching TV.
  • My friend came over Sunday and we played a bunch of board games. I needed that.
  • Is it just me or is Fox and Friends a freakshow? CNN isn’t much better. The people are all sooo annoying. It’s like the rejects from Home Shopping Network.
  • It’s silent auction time this week at work. Time for me to rack up on some Christmas gifts.
  • I have never seen a forsale sign on that General Cinema building in front of Toys R Us. I wonder if it’s forsale? Anyone have any investment capital???
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