Monday Thoughts

  • There is this old lady who works the doors at the Burleson Walmart who is… a little strange. I don’t think she really listens to what you say when she says hello or goodbye. Saturday morning after she did her crazy ‘bye’ I said ‘cheese’. I don’t think she ever noticed.
  • There are some hills out infront of our house and in the morning when I am leaving you can usually see some cows milling about out there. It’s very beau colic.
  • I finished watching all 11 season of MASH (again). The last episode is a little too long. It was nice it was all wrapped up thought. Many shows just end without resolution.
  • Watching a show like that makes me wonder how I would have dealt with being drafted and going to war…
  • It makes me think I have lead a very easy life.
  • So now the scuttle is that the democrats might bypass a proper vote if they loose their super majority because of the Massachusetts vote (with some special type vote).
  • Are they really trying to loose THAT big in the next election?
  • If they do pass it by hook or by crook they will go on and on (no matter how crappy and useless the bill will be) of how the democrats passed ‘sweeping reform’. Puke.
  • Payback is a bitch.
  • I don’t like federal holidays. I work in the healthcare industry and they mean nothing to us except, no mail and no open banks.
  • Chris came over Thursday and we played some netrunner and filmed a little bit for Season 2 of the show.
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