Wednesday Thoughts

  • It supposed to rain again today… Will it ever NOT rain for more than a week?
  • It’s been wet/muddy outside since October.
  • I am hopping around the house trying to get it ready to show for selling but it’s hard when you can’t do much outside.
  • My Cyberpunk 2020 CCG store got an actual customer the other day! Wow.
  • I purchased 3 pallets of that card game a couple of years ago now and I am still selling it (here and there). It will take me years more probably but I think in the end I will have had made a lot off of them.
  • Persistence pays off.
  • Maybe I can use the funds from that to help counter all the new taxes and inflation caused by the new ‘pay for lazy people’ healthcare system.
  • The shell station up the street has the best crispitos but they have been soggy lately.
  • They added one of those Hunt Bros. Pizza counters in there so I am guessing all their fresh stuff is suffering.
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