Monday Thoughts

  • I have been sicker than a dog for the last 5 days. I hope I am beyond the halfway point.
  • IMO weddings are such a waste of money. I like them enough, they just cost soo much.
  • Have you ever thought how much of your actual pay goes to taxes? I mean ALL taxes (not just the ones that you see on your pay stub) like sales tax, auto registration, auto inspection, gasoline tax (you know).
  • I think that if you tallied it all up you would see you pay about 50% or more of your pay to the government.
  • Some studies suggest it’s more like 65%.
  • It’s all hidden so it’s less noticeable and the people don’t revolt.
  • If they took it all out at once I think you would find many many more people voting.
  • I watched Clue this weekend. I love that movie.
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