Monday Thoughts

  • This weekend was ‘annoy your neighbors with your ATVs’ weekend.
  • This weekend was also ‘shop till you drop to honor our troops’ weekend.
  • I remember when you rented an apartment you paid X amount of dollars for rent. Now a days you pay X dollars + gas +water +waste water/sewer. They don’t tell you have to pay for all this extra stuff until YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT TO SIGN the lease.
  • I hate apartments.
  • We went to one of my favorite shopping places this weekend (Goodwill). It seems like everyone there was a ‘I have to touch EVERYTHING on the shelves’ type of shopper.
  • Apparently CVS is coming to Decatur. I like CVS better than Walgreens.
  • Did you know Walgreens used to be Wallgreen? People added an ‘s’ to the end for so long the company changed the name.
  • Can you remember Eckards? All you have to do is think of Walgreens and change all the signs. Drugstore chains ALL LOOK THE SAME INSIDE.
  • Does it really take a whole MONTH to process a home loan? Really…
  • Tonight is ‘yard work’ night. Too exciting.
  • Pancho’s is… blech. I’m surprised there are any left.
  • Several years back Pancho’s went ‘healthy’ by changing their mascot to a thinner, healthier guy… I have noticed that NONE of the ‘healthy’ Pancho mascot restaurants are open around here…

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