Tuesday Thoughts

  • I couldn’t play the Wolfman Blu-ray I got from Netflix. My player is TOO OLD! I had to update the firmware… don’t you love new technology?
  • I am going to have to invest in some Lemax Spookytown stuff this year.
  • I had 3 (no-syrup) diet Dr. Peppers at work in one week. I am going to have to stop getting them from the cafe for a few months.
  • I have been ‘negotiating’ with the Internet sales people at Bankston Ford for a week now about a new Ranger. We will see if they bite today.
  • I am going to donate my current truck instead of trade it in. It has issues but it still runs fine.
  • We stayed at mom’s lake place in Mexia. It’s kinda run down but she just loves it.
  • I have started reading Project Superpowers. It is somewhat reminiscent of Watchmen.
  • I am going to contact the University of Phoenix today or tomorrow once I finally decide what to take. MUST ADD TO MY WALL OF PAPER!
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