Wednesday Thoughts

  • I am in a VERY bad mood today.
  • I detest the ‘lettuce heads’ that come and go at the gym where I work.
  • Too bad I have to use that entrance to come to work.
  • What is the point of getting an egg white omlet if you are just going to load it up with other junk?
  • Those people irritate me.
  • Their addiction to excersise is just as bad an addiction as mine is to food.
  • ANYWAY…. happy thoughts.
  • Had to haul the cats back one at a time to the house (an hour drive) crying all the way.
  • I am listening to Hannibal Rising in the truck at the moment. I am enjoying it.
  • Space is running out in the shed. I need just a bit more room…
  • When I think hard about it I *think* that about 50% of the time my order at a fast food drive throughs are wrong (in some way).
  • Nothing will ruin your ‘on the go’ meal than missing that sauce for your nuggets.
  • Nothing will ruin your ‘on the go’ meal MORE than getting Diet Coke instead of Coke.
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