Tuesday Thoughts

  • Is it just me or do young guys who wear hats like this just come across as automatic douche bags?
  • I finally got to watch Iron Man 2 last night. Man that movie is so full of holes. Here is a big one… Black Widow (the Shield Agent) gets into the bad guy’s PC and ‘reboots’ Rhodes suit… why couldn’t she have simply turned off all the drones while she was at it???
  • What’s nicer than getting an award for your production business??? Getting one in the mail yesterday that had your name on it.
  • I am trying out Ubuntu Linux on an extra PC at my desk at work. It runs so much smoother that Windows… too bad it doesn’t support everything Windows does.
  • I better keep quiet, it administration hears about a free OS, I will be installing it on all 900 PCs here…
  • Chris came over last week (for the first time in for forever) and we discussed goals and such. It’s that time again… have to stay on top of them this time.
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