Friday Thoughts

  • Can you believe that Obama staffer won Mayor of Chicago? The guy didn’t even live there, who can he possibly know what the heck is gonig on there?
  • I think the same thing happened with Hillary Clinton and New York.
  • The Radio Shack here in Decatur sucks. We really need a proper electroincs store in this town.
  • The AT&T wireless store (Wise Wireless) attached to the Radio Shack sucks too. I got a phone line added there and the had me sign a 2 year contact even though I brought my own equipment in. After dealing with AT&T on the phone about it for a while they called and informed the store they were doing it wrong. They claimed they have always been (ripping off) doing it that way.
  • Now I have to drive 60 miles to go to a company owned store to fix the issue.
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