Monday Thoughts

  • With all this race talk lately all I seem to see are ‘whites are evil’, ‘whites don’t care’, ‘whites don’t give enough’. When you look at it I think they have given more than enough.
  • My family is only 4 generations out of Germany, my family didn’t own slaves, you can’t hold me accountable and treat my like shit because of the past of others…
  • You can’t treat me like shit because of the color of my skin…
  • Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yep, it’s a two-way door.
  • I can certainly see where extremists get their notions, when your nation looks down on you, blaming you for all it’s woes, blaming you for keeping all other races down, yet still relying you to pay the bills… I can see the frustration.
  • When are people going to stop using their skin color as an excuse for being a failure? It’s all about excuses and what you can get away with. Quit making excuses and strive to be more!
Author: nate555

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