Wednesday Thoughts

  • I have been drinking Dr. Pepper 10 for a while now and I still wonder why they used the Star Trek font on the bottle. It looks kinda home-made, like something I did for the show.
  • I discovered today that Exxon will not let you buy more than 100.00 worth of gas on one transaction… the way things are going they are going to need to adjust that.
  • This coming weekend is Comicon. I hope to rake it in!
  • My friend Chris and I have created a ‘paper and pencil’ game to sell at Comicon. It comes complete with dice, rules, and map inside a nifty plastic case. It’s called WhimWars. I got the domain name but haven’t gotten anything out there yet.
  • I am getting closer to having my mom’s rent house finished.
  • They have torn up the parking lot infront of Walmart in Decatur. I heard long ago that Panda Express was going there but the site seems awfully big for that… we will see.
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