Wednesday Thoughts

  • Apparently mount everest is packed this time of year with people trying to reach the top (before the end of the climbing season). It’s a very dangerous place and last week 8 people died in one day. What STUPID people. This type of thing will become more and more common as the younger generation ages. They have been brought up thinking ‘they can do anything’ by their parents and then they have been brought up by the TV thinking they ‘have to do something big and bold’ with their lives… oh yeah, and they have to take lots of pictures so they can post them on facebook.
  • Most people will live and die and be just another cog in the machine… yeah, I’m one of those and I have accepted that. My focus is to have a comfortable life.
  • This coming weekend I am going to see Sting in concert at WinStar! Woowoo!
  • THIS is why people think the main stream media are a bunch of lefty lunatics.
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