Beef Jerky, Chocolates, Nuts, Oh my!

No, this is not a paid advertisement. I just love this place and have to tell you about it. When my wife and I go to Oklahoma to visit Choctaw Casino we make a stop just inside the Oklahoma border just North of Dennison (Texas) to a place called the Peanut Shoppe. Oh man!

They have fudge, peanuts of every kind, chocolate, and mixture of all those together in various formats. They have candy, jellies, and (my favorite) beef jerky.

The beef jerky is what it is all about for me. It is one of the top 2 beef jerkies I have ever tried. One year at work my co worker and me kept a log on a whiteboard of various beef jerkies we would go out and find. We would rate them. The top 2 on the list were The Peanut Shoppe’s jerky and Clint and Sons Black Label jerky.

Anyway, I thought I just put a bug in your ear if you are looking on loading up on goodies, try this place out. They have a website so you can check out their stuff and order online too BUT it’s best to just call them up and order over the phone. The beef jerky is NOT listed on their site so you have to ask for it via phone.

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