My Top 10 Lists

Here I have listed several top to lists. Everything from books, to games, they are my recommendations to you. Give some a try. Have fun….

*note: Number 1 is the highest recommendation.

** Have any suggestions for anymore top 10 lists? Let me know! **

BOOKS   1. Shogun             James Clavell    First English man in feudal Japan  2. Jurassic Park      Michael Chriton  Cloned Dinosaurs  3. Tai-Pan            James Clavell    Scottish trader in 17 Cent. China  4. Gai-Jin            James Clavell    Tai-Pan’s son in Japan  5. King Rat           James Clavell    World War 2 Japanese POWs  6. The Belgaraid      David Eddings    Fantasy Adventure  7. The Malloeran      David Eddings    Fantasy Adventure  8. The Last command   Timothy Zhan     Further Star Wars adventures  9. Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy   Douglas Adams    10. Hitch Hiker’s Guide sequels         Douglas Adams     * This being years later I will need to add (and remove) some stuff from these lists so for now I will just add The Pyrates by George McDonald Frazier here and put it in the list proper in the future.

Video Games (Console)  1. Final Fantasy 3   Super Nintendo    RPG with excellent story  2. Front Mission     Super Famicom     Mech War strategy  3. Castlevania SotN  Playstation       Instant classic!  4. Final Fantasy Tactics  PS           Turned-Based strategy  5. Wipeout XL        Playstation       Futuristic racing with great ST  6. Final Fanatsy 7   Playstation       RPG with great atmosphere  7. Front Mission 2   Playstation       Mech War strategy  8. Suikoden          Playstation       Huge RPG  9. Chrono Trigger    Super Nintendo    Fun RPG 10. Raiden DX         Playstation       Classic shooter

Computer Games   1. Stronghold/Crusader/Extreme         Ultimate Castle Sim!  2. Heroes of Might and Magic 2/3/4     Ultra high replay ability Strategy  3. TIE Fighter                         Star Wars flight sim  4. Secret of Monkey Island             Pirate-filled graphic adventure  5. Highseas Trader                     18 century trading game  6. Curse of Monkey Island              Pirate-filled graphic adventure  7. Lords of the Realm                  Turn-Based medieval strategy  8. Lords of the Realm 2                Turn-Based medieval strategy  9. Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast         What can I say? 10. Diablo 2                            Hours and hours and hours of fun.

Movies   1. Star Wars    2. Legend  3. Empire Strikes Back  4. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  5. Return of the Jedi  6. Jurassic Park  7. Goonies  8. Labyrinth  9. Princess Bride 10. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Video/Pinball Games (Arcade)   1. Dragons Lair 2        Cartoon adventure  2. Black Knight          (pinball)  3. Hook                  (pinball)  4. Dragon Lair           Cartoon adventure   5. Space Ace             Cartoon adventure   6. Heavy Gunner          Mech shooter  7. Star Wars             X-Wing sim  8. Spy Hunter            Spy car game  9. Tron                  Several games in one 10. Heavy Barrell         Ikari Warriors-style game

Anime   1. Robotech              (Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada)  2. Macross Plus  3. Wings of Honneamise     4. Neon Genesis Evangelion  5. Ninja Scroll  6. Dragon Ball Z  7. Patlabor  8. Iria: Zeriam The Animation   9. Record of Lodoss War 10. The Hakkeden

Music Albums  1. Police: Message in a box (set)  2. Star Wars Soundtrack  3. Information Society: Don’t Be Afraid  4. Sting: Fields of Gold  5. Peter Gabriel: Security  6. Robotech: Perfect Collection  7. Sting: Mercury Falling   8. Fine Young Cannibals: Fine, Finer, Finest  9. Dave Matthews Band: Before These Crowded Streets 10. Enya: The Celts   * Like above I will need to add The Cars: Heartbeat City to this list.

Toy Lines  1. Star Wars  2. G.I. Joe  3. Transformers  4. He-Man  5. M.A.S.K.  6. Dungeons and Dragons  7. Mega Force  8. Tron  9. M.U.S.C.L.E. 10. Exo-Squad