Memory Dump – Thursday

  • It’s payday, yay! Won’t my creditors be happy!?
  • It’s payday, yay! Time to go to the bank and see if they have any interesting coins.
  • Sorted my ‘coin collection’ this morning… not so much ‘collection’.
  • A lot of recently purchased silver rounds in the collection. Ofcourse I would buy when silver is at it’s all time high.
  • A lot of heavy fog on the way to work today, makes for SLOW driving.
  • Someone was driving too fast in New Fairview and failed to stop at the 2264/407 stop sign. I am guessing it was the fog’s fault. Saw the truck about 60 feet in the field across the road.
  • Me purchasing stock for some company = company soon to go bankrupt. Never fails. Bye bye Disney.
  • Netflix Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is still sitting at the house, unwatched… I keep meaning to watch it…
  • Played some Tropico 2: Pirate Cove last night. I love how they call the need to see the Wenches in the brothels ‘beauty aids’.
  • The music for the game is very catchy.
  • The wife told me Jane McGarry from NBC5 was doing a live news commercial promo last night and she was caught off guard, not realizing she was live and was making some interesting comments. She doesn’t mention it in her blog though. I guess that would make her look unperfessional. Jane’s Take
  • I NEED to get back the gym ASAP. It’s that time again. Time to convince myself to get off my ass and do it.
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