Friday Memory Dump

  • I’m sitting infront of the ham radio waiting for the Friday check in.
  • Did you ever notice in horror movies the really scary houses you remember are symmetrical in design (1428 Elm St, Amityville, etc)?
  • I’m getting QST radio magazine every 2 weeks! Yikes, I have never gotten a biweekly subscription before.
  • I subscribe to Wizard, QST, and ToyFare.
  • I used to subscribe to Renaissance. It was wayyy too expensive.
  • I am asking for a subscription to Hot VWs for Christmas or Birthday.
  • Birthday is Monday, Winstar here I come!
  • I think I really enjoy reading SciFi short story collection books more than anything else.
  • I really like quick, short stories.
  • Heather Hays on Fox 4 News really needs to do something with that hair.
  • I am currently rewatching my MASH Dvds. I am on season 3.
  • Going to eat at El Rancho Grande (North Fort Worth) tomorrow. Excellent place.
  • I think carbon taxes/credits are ridiculous. I think they are simply a new way the people can be taxed and the government can get away with it.
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare sold 310 million dollars worth in the first 24 hours. That kicks the crap out of any big budget movie.
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