Mid Day Thoughts

  • I am watching Cosmos (from the 70’s) and it looks like they had some pretty high end motion tracking special effects (for the 70’s at least).
  • I am a fan of the late Carl Sagan’s enthusiasm.
  • This Carl Sagan video enthralls me.
  • Bought a lottery scratch off on my birthday hoping for some cosmic luck, no dice.
  • Had an examination with a surgeon for a possible hernia, lets just say I now have no secrets from the doc.
  • Bought radiator leak stuff repair powder. I wonder if it will work…
  • There is a birthday snickers bar on my keyboard just staring at me…
  • I don’t need it.
  • I will eat it.
  • Thought a big bill payment was due this pay period, I was wrong. Yippie!
  • Hoping to get my Super Beetle running properly this week.
  • Had some Coke from McDonald’s that WASN’T Spectacular (for the first time). It is always sooo good from there. That’s what makes McDonald’s the biggest fast food place, they are consistent with their food (99% of the time).
  • Where would we be without spellcheck?
  • A freeze warning tomorrow… sure, ok.
  • It would be cool if local news stations HAD to tell you how accurate their weather prediction was from the previous day.
  • Have you seen that one weather woman on channel 5 who’s head is HUGE?
  • The Decatur Hospital’s foundation is having another New Year’s Eve party. First time in 3 years (I think). Might go.
  • I don’t drink so many parties are pointless. I just don’t care to do drink. What’s wrong with me?!
  • Am I the only person who breaks out in hives at having to sit through commercials.
  • I don’t watch much TV. The Food Network makes my eyes bleed.
  • I like channel 13’s British Comedies though.
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