Star Trek Movie Review

I watched the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek this weekend and have a few comments.
Of course I am being nit picky but that’s what makes it fun!
The movie is good. It’s action packed and filled with decent acting and very good special effects.
With that said let the fun begin…
1.) Too many halogen lights. Has the distance future learned that LEDs suck as a light source? I realize it was an artistic thing but it was annoying to have that light glare in every scene.
2.) Like every movie made now-a-days the camera moves too much. It’s wayyy better than Roland Emmerich or Michael Bay but still…
3.) The plot was waaaayyyyyy too convoluted. The movie was clearly built around a premise (the crew) and the plot came later.
4.) Was it just me or did the engine room of the Enterprise look like a brewery with a few computer monitors spread about?
5.) You mean to tell me that there were NO ships around Earth when Nero shows up? How many Star Treks does that make were Earth is left without even one ship that can defend the planet?
6.) If the ‘red matter’ was so powerful and could create a black hole when ignited WHY O WHY did they have to drill into the core of a planet to use it? Just drop it on the planet and go. Oh well, the whole drill thing makes for more excitement.
I still enjoyed it thoroughly and I am sure I will buy it or get it for Christmas so I can nitpick over and over again.
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