Tuesday Memory Dump

  • Got ANOTHER sinus infeciton yesterday. Feel like crap now.
  • Watching Cosmos episode where Carl talks about ‘evil mankind’… barf.
  • When driving home I saw the local pack of chihuahuas and their new buddy, a piglet. Man I live in the country.
  • Forgot my cel phone at home… how o how will I survive?!?!
  • Got Poo? NO. Apparently after spending a crap load of money (pun intended) it’s not the septic thats the issue. It’s some plumbing under the house. ugh.
  • Tried sulfuric acid on the drains, that stuff is LETHAL. Still no workie.
  • Cleaned the house last night for T-day. Still more to do tonight.
  • Have to refill the 5 gallon water bottle today. We can’t drink New Fairview water, too nasty. Then again, isnt all tap water nasty?
Author: nate555

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