Mid Day Thoughts

  • Wataburger puts crack in their meat (just like McDonalds puts crack in their coke).
  • Back to working out… sheesh.
  • Ok, life goal thing I talked about eariler. Might possibly maybe being interested in owning a movie theater.
  • I wonder why there were never forsale signs on the GC movie theater in the Toys R Us parking lot at Ridgmar. It’s still sitting there empty after all those years.
  • The last movie I saw there was Blade Runner Director’s cut.
  • These black dudes just kept talk and talking during the whole movie.
  • I loved going to the 7th street theater off Camp Bowie. I can’t believe they knocked it down. It was sooooo retro.
  • The last movie I saw there was The Little Mermaid.
  • The last move that played there was The Haunting (see pic).
  • I am thinking a Tavern Movie Theater is going to be the only way a movie theater will work in the future. Beer = Money.
  • I’d like to rent out theater screens for amateur made movies.
  • Decatur Wallyworld was not THAT packed on Black Friday. Not like the Burleson one.
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