Monday Memory Dump

  • Watching old video of NASA, it’s hilarious to see them ‘light up’ inside mission control with all that high tech equipment.
  • Thanksgiving was good, no shopping on the day after = great.
  • Got the septic problem fixed with help from father in law. It was a clod of soap and hair.. gross.
  • Got the electrical problem hounding us for two months fixed with the help of the father in law again. It was a short in some little connector under the house.
  • I can’t believe people would be waiting at 3 in the morning for a store to open.
  • I got some great Blu-ray deals online though.
  • My illness settled in my chest this weekend so now I am coughing.
  • I always thought that was a strange term ‘settled in the chest’, but when it happens to you that’s about the best way to describe it.
  • I am having to medicate one of the cats twice each day. Man does she hate it! I have to practically wrestle with her.
  • Saw Seven on Saturday night. That was a good movie. Was thinking it was more of a horror movie for some reason.
  • I think I have decided on a BIG life goal for the next 3 years. I will tell you all about it later.
  • Watched Angles and Demons yesterday. Ehh, it was ok. I liked the book better but don’t we always like the book better.
  • Saw some of the Rockette’s Christmas show on PBS. I can’t imagine spending good money to go see that.
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