Thursday Thoughts

  • So amused by the president’s speech I made a separate post about it.
  • Had a half a peanut butter sandwich last night.. oh man that was good.
  • Wrote a letter to the president of my water company about the whole water shut off situation. We will see if I illicit a response.
  • Posted a message on craigslist about movie theaters for sale, go no real response but a couple of interested people. I’m not the only one interested in running a theater.
  • 50 free pics just for creating a SnapFish account? What’s the catch???
  • I am listening to an audio book in the truck and I am so frustrated with the reader’s slowness I am almost ready to quit listening.
  • Did you know those bamboo you buy at grocery stores for gifts (the ones in strange shapes) are not bamboo at all? They are a type of house plant!
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