Wednesday Thoughts

  • Having bad heartburn after the sickness I had a few days ago.
  • It must have been a nasty bug, many people have gotten it.
  • Did anyone else notice the re-use of a couple of Asian actors on MASH? There are like 2 guys who show up in SEVERAL episodes as a focal character (each character is different though!)
  • The snow yesterday was sooooo much nicer than that tornatic snowstorm we had Christmas Eve.
  • Did you know Stan Lee started working for Marvel Comics at age 17? He is like older than dirt now. How about THAT for work ethic!
  • I have now taken to feeding Hitler House Cat through one of the air vents. You can kinda push it out of the way enough to get your hand through with some food in it.
  • Not sure what to do about that cat yet.
  • To save money we will be canceling our Dish Network soon. I am sure they will try to give me 3 months free and all that crap to keep me, but no go, it’s gotta go.
  • Can I live without Food Network… bet your ass I can!
  • That channel makes my head ache and my stomach turn.
  • I used to enjoy the cooking shows on PBS better (back in the day).
  • Although America’s Test Kitchen on PBS is very interesting. A+
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