Monday Thoughts

  • I caught yet another possum under the house this weekend.
  • I went back under to the ‘fix’ and found it ‘unfixed’ so I fixed it again (I hope for good!).
  • I said some other nonsense thing to the Walmart door lady again this weekend, now it just makes me feel bad.
  • Stopped going to the gym for a week and couple of days, now I am back after a little ‘food debauchery’.
  • Strangely I felt physically bad several of my ‘no diet’ days. I wonder if the crap food had anything to do with it?
  • Have I mentioned Fox News in the morning is a BIG FREAK SHOW. Yeah, I think I did.
  • Oh, did you hear someone else blamed Bush for the economy this weekend?
  • We have moved all the cats into my library room to keep the rest of the house from smelling. I know they hate me now.
  • Oh yeah, we got rid of Hitler House Cat. She now has a loving new family!
  • Went to Walmart in Saginaw this weekend… what economic trouble?
  • Here is some fun you can have and it’s free: Go to Walmart on the 1st of the month (when it lands on a Friday). WHAT A FREAK SHOW!!! I kid you NOT!
  • Do you remember the store Best?
  • Do you remember G&H Greenstamps? I remember they used to have a store off Seminary in South Fort Worth. I never remember seeing people there.
  • Hey, I got a great new video up… Watch it here.
  • Germany blocked my ‘Professor of Dirt Halloween Special’. Yes, the whole country! Someone filed a complaint about my use of Louis Armstrong’s ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ in the video so my German fans can’t see it anymore. Here it is in case you are wondering.
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