Tuesday Thoughts

  • Does anyone else remember using BBS’ (bulletin board systems)??? I used to use the following one: The Blasted Trumpet 817-467-7103
  • Caught yet another (different) possum under the house… how many freakin‘ possums are living under there!?!
  • Well, Bill Gates jumped on the ‘blame Bush’ bandwagon. So what all you ‘blamers‘ are telling me is that even after more than a year out of office his policies are still making our economy stink?
  • O.k. I’ll buy that BUT are you then telling me that ALL THIS MONEY that the current administration has be dumping out there has done nothing (good or bad)???
  • I call B.S.
  • Ofcourse as soon as the economy picks up, it won’t be Bush’s fault… you know that, right?
  • So when the economy pickups up we will know FOR SURE just how long a previous president’s policies last, right?
  • Then we can go back and look at Bill Clinton’s ‘after presidency’ and see how things were.
  • You can’t have your cake and EAT it too.
  • You would be surprised how many people would honor you instead of smack talk you if you fessed up to your humanity.
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