Wednesday Thoughts

  • We were supposed to have snow yesterday but it hit South of here. That makes me happy.
  • The yard is like a swamp. It really needs a good solid week of drying out.
  • The cafe here at the hospital ran out of Ketchup yesterday… everyone panic!
  • I am watching Faulty Towers at the moment. That show is a jam packed 30 minutes.
  • When I was in the cafe getting breakfast I saw them making the stuff for today’s lunch. It’s taco salad. Man do I love to eat. I can’t wait for lunch!
  • Speaking of eating there is a Shell station on 730 and 287 that makes the best crispitos. I mean the best! They make all sorts of food items there and they have one of those Hunt Bros. Pizza in there too!
  • One downside to that place is that it’s always crowded.
  • Decatur high is just down the street so in the morning you will usually see kids with too much money getting stuff there.
  • When I was a teen none of us (in my school) had a car less than ten years old.
  • All these kids have current model vehicles.
  • I guess that’s my generation’s “up hill, barefoot, in 2 feet of snow” story.

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