Friday Thoughts

  • Had a MRI on my lower back yesterday = Free.
  • I have Radiology call me when they need any sort of ‘guinea pig’ for various tests.
  • I have had a free CT, MRI, and Echo cardiogram.
  • I was told this time that I am near having a herniated disc if I am not careful (in lifting).
  • A MRI is very… closed in. Claustrophobic people need not apply.
  • For some reason there is a cold fan that blows right up your gown while you wait on the scan.
  • Chris and Loren came over and we played games last night.
  • I think Washington it more out of control (literally) now that it has ever been in the past. I don’t mean in a power-play/hungry way I mean like out of control where no one seems to know whats going on and no one is in control. Like a an out of control top.
  • I emailed local weather lady Rebecca Miller about a Cyberpunk 2020 collectible card game Card called ‘Rebbeca Miller’. The character on the card is a reporter that bears a striking resemblance to the real Rebecca Miller. The card game is several years old and I asked her if she knew about it. She replied and said she didn’t recall but couldn’t be for certain.
  • She probably thinks I am some stalker nut now.
  • I guess I’ll cancel the severed cat head I was going to send her as a present…
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