Thursday Thoughts

  • New Fairview is still trashy (did you think I’d tell you differently)?
  • I would love to put signs up all over my neighborhood telling people to clean up their crap!
  • That trashiness is going to cost me 10,000+ on the sale of my home (at least).
  • I took my Beetle in for fixin‘ up to a guy in Boyd who works on imports.
  • I can’t wait to get it back!
  • Driving it up there was like piloting a little plane. There is no stereo so the fresh air box is pushing 60 miles an hour wind in your face while you fight the wheel for control.
  • Too much fun!
  • We have been a month and a half without any television service. Seems fine to me!
  • I have been recollecting all the video contests I have done. Click here to look at my posts.
  • I hope the next month and a half runs just as planned in my life…
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