Thursday Thoughts

  • Been on vacation this week, getting the house ready to re-list.
  • They say the best ROI on selling a house is painting. I am painting like a mad man.
  • If it sells we will rent and then I will have some money to get a new pickup.
  • Do you remember the show ‘You Can’t Do That On Television?’ I loved it so much.
  • Apparently they won’t release it because they would have to pay a lot of people royalties.
  • Blue skies! Barthy burgers! Girls!
  • Saw Phantom of the Opera this last weekend. Very close seats. The Phantom was VERY gay this time (have seen it a couple of times).
  • It’s basically the story of a pervert who lives in the walls of an opera house.
  • When he finally gets his kiss from the girl, his illusions are shattered… I guess he decided it was icky.
  • The thing I like about it (seeing as the phantom is mainly a ‘chick’ thing) is that it is SUPER CHEESY. I love the cheesy bits.
  • People were once again driving like douches this last weekend.
  • What is up with Congress trying to get a bill into law without actually passing it? Have they run mad?
  • Got a mystery package in the mail yesterday. It was the original keys to my Beetle. I totally forgot he said he was going to send them to me (like 13 months ago).
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