Monday Thoughts

  • I had a horrible accident this weekend. I knocked over my external hard drive and the hard drive broke. It had EVERYTHING I save on it! I am having to send it away to have the data recovered.
  • I was just finishing Episode 1 of Season 3 when it happened. Arrrrg!
  • The back of my Suave Ocean Breez shampoo says it will make you feel ocean fresh…
    The marketing person who wrote that has obviously never been in the ocean.
  • The pool is STILL too cold to get in…. come on already!!!
  • I watched the Collector this weekend… ehhhhh.
  • I watched Surrogates this weekend. It was ok. I like movies set in the not too distant future.
  • I watched the 2nd set from TimeSlip (a 70’s British sci fi show). It was all in black and white until the final episode. Really strange to see it in color all the sudden.
  • Is it just me or should the Wise County Messenger just be renamed – The Wise County Traffic Accident Report?
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