Monday Thoughts

  • So, in the ObamaCare health bill… if you purchase more than $600 worth of bullion (gold, silver, etc) you have to fill out a 1099……………….
  • In the the health care bill…….
  • This sort of sneakiness (which goes on all the time in Washington) is insidious.
  • I now have a Motorola Tundra cell phone, military grade plastic. Can handle this.
  • Chainsawed the 2 dead trees in the front yard this weekend. Looks so bare now.
  • Still no buyers. Or even lookers. This economy sucks royally.
  • According to the current government it’s Bush’s fault (even though he had a democrat congress).
  • So when the economy starts moving in the other direction, who’s fault will that be?
  • Lemme guess…
  • So why do you go through all the trouble of a financial reform bill when 2 of the largest reasons for the disaster (FannieMae and FreddieMac) are totally left out of the reform?
  • Me and my coworker were just in that store (it’s across the street from the hospital) last week and I noted that they were selling porn. Interesting.
  • Saturday was horrible. I got all the way into Fort Worth and forgot my wallet (after already ordering at McDonalds).
  • The walmart in Burleson TOTALLY changed inside. Everyone was walking around lost. It would have been funny if I weren’t lost too.
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