Wednesday Thoughts

  • I watched 2012 last night on Blu Ray, it wasn’t as bad as all the critics said it was. It was better than Al Gore’s Day after Tomorrow. (ok, not Al Gore’s).
  • The lawnmower wouldn’t start last night. Arrrrhhhhggggg!!!!
  • I also cut down the last of the dead parts of the willow tree behind the house. Parts of it died after that lightning strike last year that zapped our AC unit.
  • Farkle is down on Facebook! Panic!
  • Looks like we are going to lower the price on the house one more time next month and then calling it quits if it doesn’t sell. If we do find a buyer we will basically break even.
  • I have a put a crapload of money into that place. What a waste.
  • I feel like we were really taken when all this stuff showed up after we bought it. Remember that movie the money pit, like that.
  • Thursday we both get paid full paychecks for the first time in 2 years… time to pay off some debt!
  • Becoming financially solvent is a nice feeling.
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