Friday Thoughts

  • I saw Alice in Wonderland Wednesday night. Not sure what the big deal was. It was like watching another Shrek movie.
  • Got the lawnmower working again. I think it will just be a daily touch and go to get it working.
  • I think I found a NAS for my data. This Calavry one looks the right price and size.
  • The wife wants to go to the Dallas Farmer’s Market and the Galleria this weekend… please put me out of my misery now! Need to take a book.
  • Just when you thought it could’nt get any more INSANE: The Paycheck Fairness Act.
  • Do these people not get it? When the ecomony relies on the growth of business they turn around and try to force companies to give up more money.
  • I’m sorry to always go on about politics, I can’t help it! It’s just so crazy!
  • This ‘Act’ is basically setting up the government to tell everyone how much they can make.
  • 1984… ring a bell?
  • Had a tooth filled today. It was basically painless. THAT is a good visit to the dentist.
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