Friday Thoughts

  • NPR had this segment on the Tea Party and their adoption of the book The Spider and the Starfish. The commentator kept asking questions of the author that basically asked how can this Tea Party come apart and is the Tea Party run by a few people as a political ruse. When he didn’t get the liberal answers he wanted his very last line was a flat out jab. “Apparently neither spiders or starfish have much in the way of brains”.
  • NPR is such a liberal shit hole.
  • Too bad we pay for it with our tax money. That’s the only reason I don’t bag on WBAP or Fox, we aren’t having to pay for their bias.
  • That’s the reason I just can’t bring myself to give to either them or channel 13.
  • Pitty because I love watching British Comedies.
  • It takes me 1 hour to get home (or work).
  • I am about to install my old tape deck back into the truck so I can listen to all the audio books I bought at library sales over the last three years.
  • That’s a great way to spend my drive time.
  • I still have (and remember) the first MP3 I downloaded ever.
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