Thursday Thoughts

  • Back to work.
  • Was supposed to be back Wednesday but floods from the hurricane TOTALED my wife’s car.
  • Spent Tuesday (not) filming sketches at Trinity park in Fort Worth.
  • Just got a couple of minutes of stuff out there since it was raining all day (and everyone who was supposed to help besides Chris FLAKED OUT).
  • Do you remember Laser Discs? I used to have them. It was THE way to get the highest quality picture back in the days of VHS.
  • I spent WAY TOO MUCH money on those.
  • I spent 75.00 on Jurassic Park when it came out. What an experience though!
  • I spent almost 300.00 on the Star Wars Difinitive Collection set.
  • I watched it again (in 2008) and the Laser Disc quality looked like VHS (compared to DVD). It was very sad. But back in the day that was super high definition!
  • Do you remember Video Disc? If you do, you are too old.
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