Thursday Thoughts

  • I see the president is doing something he is really good at… campaigning.
  • I see he is still blaming others for the economy.
  • The Decatur Wendy’s sign is up… mouth watering…
  • Some survey of top chefs asked where they ate when they ate fast food, they said Wendy’s.
  • I am guessing all the Decatur road work is apart of the ‘spend your children’s future’ government campaign.
  • At this point in the game don’t they have enough proof that government spending lots (I am mean LOTS) of money will not recover a faltering economy???
  • How much proof are they going to need?
  • They will never admit it. That’s what democrats are all about, spending.
  • Well, the mower died again. I don’t think I will fix it this time. RIP.
  • The people who mow my yard cut it high so I have to call them out more often. Forget that!
  • I am going to interview the marketing person for Hangman’s haunted house in Fort Worth on Friday night for the show.
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