Wednesday Thoughts

  • My free time seems so little. I am always doing something.
  • The imaging center at work flooded out last night, I know how they feel.
  • The insurance company paid off the car (the current value) but the bank has yet to remove the 4,500 balance (cause i have GAP insurance). I hope they don’t try to get out of it or I have to make an October payment (since I have a payment due on the new car too).
  • I didn’t even notice a Family Dollar go in where Weatherford college was in Decatur. I never shop there so it was no big thing.
  • The Candlewood suites is about 50% done. It’s off Eagle drive behind the hospital. I can’t imagine them doing ANY business (unless it’s hospital business).
  • There are so many hotels in Decatur as it is I don’t see how any of them stay in business.
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