Monday Thoughts

  • I shall say once more… this last week was the WORST for bad drivers. People need to chill the F out.
  • Work is getting stressful for no good reason.
  • We had a garage sale on Saturday. Brought in about 300.00. Didn’t sell nearly as much as I had hoped for.
  • Packed the rest up for some other time.
  • I could probably make 2x or 3x more if I spent the time to put it on Ebay.
  • Chris wants us to focus on selling stuff on Ebay…
  • Yuck. It takes soooooooo much time for so little profit to do that.
  • Plus Ebay triple dips on you. You pay to list the item, you pay when it sells, and you pay a fee on Paypal payment (which is almost the only way people can pay anymore).
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