Friday Thoughts

  • This week has been ‘the drivers from hell’ week. People have been behaving so badly recently.
  • Do you remember that really old Goofy cartoon where he changes into an evil thug when he gets behind the wheel? Those were some great cartoons. Here it is!
  • I am having a garage sale on Saturday. I dread ‘early bird’ shoppers. Wish I could just put it all outside during then night.
  • I have discovered my wife has just as much junk as I do… just in boxes, not spread throughout the house.
  • Remember when I talked about doing that interview for Hangman’s House of Horrors? Here it is!
  • Here is the accompanying blog post about my visit too.
  • We are supposed to go eat at Texas De Brazil tonight. I don’t care for it all that much… too much hype. Women love it though.
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