Monday Thoughts

  • I set up at the Sci-Fi convention this weekend in Plano (for a 3rd time). Still no real luck.
  • No toll booths on the George Bush Turnpike is so nice.
  • I just finished the book 1776, did you know that George Washington was basically given dictatorial powers for about 6 months in late 1776. This is the only time this has ever happened in the US. The continental congress did this to help him do whatever to win the war.
  • Also, did you know that although 1776 was the ‘birth of the US’ the war didn’t actually end until 1883?
  • Speaking of long time periods you didn’t know about… it wasn’t until 10 years later the the US retaliated on the Japanese (for Pearl Harbor) with the atom bomb? The movies make it seem like it happened the next day or something.
  • The wife and I ate the Chinese Buffet in Decatur last night. There was this group of young (20’s) rednecks that should have been taken out in back and beaten for their general bad behaviour.
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