Monday Thoughts

  • Wow. I was trapped at home for 4 days… work seems awfuly nice right now.
  • My PTO took a nasty hit.
  • I tried to do some stuff around the house to offset my confinement blues like cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • Funny how we love to be at home… but for only so long.
  • 4 days without a real soda… YIKES!
  • Mother Nature really screwed Jerry and Arlington didn’t she?
  • Millions upon millions lost to the weather.
  • I’m glad the Superbowl is over.
  • Is the NFL a mafia style entity?
  • They seem to have control over EVERYTHING and they refuse to be accountable… oh wait, that’s like the government. OH SNAP!
  • Is it just me or is the Souper Bowl halftime show not as big as it used to be? When I was a kid it used to be a really BIG thing. Now it’s hype that is created by the media.
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