Tuesday Thoughts

  • Ate at South Beach Taco yesterday. It was pretty good. Definitely not Tex-Mex but it was good.
  • The wife says it is like Fuzzy’s Tacos.
  • I forgot to mention I saw that bad flip wreck last week outside the Autozone. The flipped truck must have been turning when it was hit to make it do that.
  • I wrote an Blog post for my other Blog: According To Whim yesterday about the US debt and I used the US Debt Clock website to get my facts… just looking at that page gets overwhelming since it is always moving.
Stay away from this brand of Egg Roll. It is totally phony! It looks like a wrapped Egg Roll but but it isn’t, it’s just molded to look like the shape of an Egg Roll! Also when you microwave them, you set them out to cool and it actually gets CRISPY while it cools. No telling what chemicals are in it!
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