Friday Thoughts

  • Shouldn’t EVERYONE be angry with this?
  • I think the who new (new as in 71 VW Beetle) car thing fell through. I just can’t see me spending money right now…
  • Next weekend I have a convention in San Antonio (that I have talked about) and everything seems OK now.
  • Work is starting to annoy me in general.
  • School is a bummer.
  • I’ve Diablo’d my self out. It’s time to move on to a new game.
  • Yesterday I met Chris and Miguel in Fort Worth for some Season 2 re-filming. We got quite a bit done and made some people very annoyed. They tried to chuck us out of the Water Gardens but no… you can’t kick us out for filming a not for profit video. Try again losers.
  • This is a huge box… you could fit a smaller person in side… what you see inside is ALL that came in it.
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